Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Today is Thursday, and I am not functioning well.  Namely because I had to get up at 6 AM and drive over 5 hours across the state to meet with nursing faculty at Madisonville Community College.  Well, technically, I rode over 5 hours, and I probably don't have much to complain about, because others in my party drove farther and had to get up earlier... but I am still not functioning well.

I only have tomorrow (another all day meeting) and next Wednesday of work left and it is summer vacation.  Plus a trip to Bowling Green for class on Tuesday.  I'm in need of summer vacation.  I can hear the pool calling my name, and also the piles of laundry stacked in my hallway. 

And I'm beginning to think that I have mush for brain, because I'm really not thinking straight.  I break out in random song every now and then based on conversations.  You say a word, I'll sing the first song that comes to mind.  No, I'm not crazy... just a little unwell.  See what I just did?  And I didn't even mean to do it.

So, here's a few of my thoughts on this Thursday that I have thought was Friday most of the day.

Today at Cracker Barrel I had blueberry pancakes and they were good. There is nothing better than blueberry pancakes, dripping in syrup.  Which makes me think of one of my favorite books from when I was little, Blueberries for Sal.  I'd highly recommend it for kids who like picture books.

Before I enjoyed my pancakes, though, I looked around the décor of the Cracker Barrel.  At my eye level was a lovely old picture of three young children, sepia color, in a round frame.  This made me think of all of the old pictures I've seen in restaurants.  Who are they? What would their pictures tell if they had words?

And for that matter, what would my pictures tell to future generations?  Will they look at pictures that Caleb takes, all those selfies, and wonder what was going on in his mind? And maybe I don't take enough pictures.  I had every intention of taking a picture a day this year, but many of my new years' resolutions got thrown out the window because this semester was just crazy from the get go...

But tomorrow is a new day.  And I finally feel like I've woken up from a deep sleep, and am ready to conquer the world...

or at least my mounds of laundry.  Wallace Bates will say  Amen and Hallelujah. 

Tonight, though, I'm going to read another book on my Kindle and try to find some mini chocolate chip cookies. After all, it is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. 

Thanks for reading.  Maybe tomorrow I'll write something with more substance.

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