Friday, March 28, 2014

What I Learned in March

1. 2.5 seconds is a lifetime, and a loss is never easy to swallow. 
Following the 14th Region semi-final game between Breathitt and Perry Central, I was in shock.  I may still be in shock, and it is almost two weeks later!  I was tasting the win.  I had retreated to a prayer corner next to the locker room, had done my talking with Jesus, and felt like all was right with the world.  I could see it in Wallace's face, in the girls face. 
Yes, it was only 2 points, but we were leading.  And so little time on the clock.
But Kayla Rankin wasn't ready to let her Senior year come to an end.  She jumped over our players, grabbed the ball with authority, lobbed it up at the basket...
So, we were going to overtime, right?  Because I wasn't even really looking...

Except we didn't, because she got fouled.  Or at least that was what the ref said... I'm still debating.  I may or may not be a slightly sore loser.

So Kayla wins it, no time on the clock, by drilling her free throws... and I realize just how long 2 seconds can be. Congrats to my Ladycats on a great season, though!!!

2. March Madness just may be the best time of the year.
And it is much more fun with Wallace than not. This time last year, our bracket challenge was done long distance... but this year I'm enjoying every minute of it.  My final four: Florida, Michigan, Michigan State, Arizona... with Florida and Michigan in the final game, Florida winning. His final four: Florida, Villanova, Michigan, and Creighton... with Florida and Michigan, Michigan winning.
He's still ahead in the bracket challenge, but since all of my teams are alive and all of his are not... I'm feeling pretty victorious. 
And can I say that there is nothing like sitting all day and watching college hoops? Seeing Duke get beat... Seeing Kentucky finally live up to the preseason hype and beat an undefeated Wichita State... Cinderella teams like Dayton.. I love it!!!!
And how exciting it was last week to watch Kendall on TV? 
Yep, nothing like March Madness...

3. Playing hooky is okay... and sometimes, necessary.
My spring break and Caleb's are never at the same time, and I may be slightly jealous that they have that to look forward to next week...

But little man stayed at home with me one day. We watched movies and talked. It was glorious.  I love that kid.

4. Paying close attention to one's calendar when taking classes is essential.
I forgot an assignment in the midst of my shock following the semi-final win.  Thankfully, Bowling Green is an hour behind  us, so I had an extra hour to submit it, and got done just in the nick of time.

5. I could read all day, nearly every day of my life, if given the opportunity. 
I dream of books.

6. Walking outside in the sunshine is preferable to the treadmill, even if Dance Moms is on DVR.

7. Grief is kind of like awakening from a sleep.  This semester has been rough.  I've struggled with losing Grandma, all of the snow and cold weather, overwhelmed with work and school and sometimes just life.  And logically I've tried to talk myself out of feeling this way, rationalizing that I know where Grandma is and death is expected and it could be so much worse... but it's still a process. God is good, and He is faithful, and I know He is seeing me through.  I'm still having to grope my way through some things, but faith is sometimes doing things just by feeling, anyway... and not my feelings, but by holding tight to the Hand of the One who will never lead me wrong.

Thank you, Jesus.  You keep teaching me...

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  1. Oh yes, I dream of books too! I could read all day long if I didn't have to eat, or sleep, or take care of my kids! lol...