Saturday, September 24, 2011

Someone once said that if you learn something new every day, it's been a good day.  (Ok, so maybe noone ever said that.  But they should have, because it's true).  I learn something every day- from my students, from Caleb, from all kinds of people.  Tonight, I learned about perserverance from some boys in blue.  Yep, from a bunch of scrappy teenagers who muscled their way down a football field when it looked like there wasn't hope for a touchdown.  What did I learn from this group of boys?

I learned that hard work really does get you somewhere.  I learned that family isn't just blood, but it's loving each other out on the field and taking a hit for your brother.  I learned that just because you make mistakes, you shouldn't quit. Instead, you should take these as opportunities to move forward.  I learned that community is important, and that being a part of something bigger than yourself is what really matters. 

None of these lessons are really new, but I needed a reminder just the same.  Sometimes it's easy to get down, to think that there is no hope.  A lot of times it's easy to make mistakes and then just quit.  However, I'm going to pull out that old cliche, quitters never win.  That was shown tonight on the football field, and is true for life as well.

Proud to be a Breathitt County Bobcat!

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